It used to be that if you didn’t want to look old, you just hung out with older people. Now there is a book with all sorts of great ideas as to how to look ten years younger and ten pounds thinner.

My kind of book. No, I didn’t buy it. Somebody donated it to our free lending library in our condominium. If you live in a condo and your building doesn’t have this, get it going. People bring their books and magazines to a big cupboard and you can just help yourself.

This book has some very good ideas. Number one: always wear high heels with jeans. And have them hemmed to the proper length. About 1/4 inch from the floor. It is true, you do look a lot thinner this way.

Also for you ladies, wear a thong with jeans. I had a few in my drawer that I never wear ’cause I think they are sort of uncomfortable. But I gave it a try and she is right. Much better, and the slight pain is worth it.

She also says that pink lipstick is much better than bright or dark red. Too bad, cause bright red lipstick is in high fashion right now.’Bang bang red’, ‘Can can red’, ‘Underage Red’ and colors like that.

I like the look of bright red lipstick, so I will only go with the pink idea half the time.

I don’t know what age she considers ‘old’, but the photo on the cover looks like the author is around forty, but looks to be about thirty five.

Some of her other no nos for looking old are: Never part your hair in the middle, or wear it long. Never cut your bangs too short. Never wear baggy jeans. Never wear sneakers except to the gym. Never wear ‘granny’ eyeglasses or an eyeglass chain around your neck.

(Actually I have a few eyeglass chains that are pretty jazzy and I like to wear them with sunglasses so you don’t have to constantly be digging around in your purse when you go in or out of a store.)

There are a lot more, but you will have to get the book. Author is Carla Krupp. Wonder if she is any relation to the Krupp diamond mine people?

Maybe, cause she talks about her eight pairs of jeans all in different lengths to go with all her shoes. And then she goes on to say that you really have to spend over $150 to get a great fitting pair of jeans.

I big to differ. I went to Nordstrom’s Rack yesterday and got a great pair of dark denim (the only approved color) jeans for $19.97. Regularly $59. It cost $14 to have them hemmed.

By the way, if you ever have something altered or hemmed, the alteration lady will tell you that it takes a week. If you pout a little and beg nicely, it can really be done in two or three days.

I said, “Oh, I was hoping to be able to have them by Saturday, as I am going to a big party.” Voila!