I saw the darlingest thing at Costco yesterday and simply had to try them. Tiny little grapes called Table Grapes. These are the grapes that are used to make champagne.

How bad could they be? Plus they are so cute. I tried a few, and frankly I prefer the big green grapes as far as taste goes. This big box holds about three pounds and cost $5 something.

But if  I were having a wine party, these would look great as a garnish for a cheese platter.

To give you an idea of the size I have photographed them alone and then next to some grapes that are the size we are used to seeing.

These are the Table Grapes

OK, now to give you the idea of just how small these really are, here is the photo showing that.

Amazing, huh?

I wasn’t too thrilled with the taste. They aren’t sweet enough. I guess that is good for making wine. So I decided to make a syrup out of them and add that to plain soda water. This way I will have sort of a wine/champagne tasting soda.

I used the same method as for the strawberry syrup on the preceeding blog. I took the grapes off the stems with my hands. I put them in a big bowl.They come right off in big batches. I squeezed them to release the juice.

There were about two pounds of grapes so I added one cup of sugar. Stir and let sit for 24 hours. Then strain and pour all the syrup into a glass jar. Add a couple of tablespoons of ground peppercorns and let sit in refrigerator for a few days.

Add one third to one half to one part soda, ice. If you don’t like pepper in your soda, you can strain it again.