One of the best books I ever read was The Tomorrow File. I started thinking about it today and when I looked it up on the internet, I see that it is sold at Amazon.

This book came out in 1985 and it is amazing how predictive it is. Twenty five years later and it is interesting to see how the world has changed.

I remember in the book there was a toy doll that actually died. You didn’t know when this would happen, but as in real life, the shock was there.

At some point the doll ‘died’. It gave a rattling croak and then started to decay. This was supposed to teach children how to deal with death.

There was another doll, which by today’s standards is not so farfetched. This one ‘vomited’. You inserted the vomit pill and Voila.

Now they have a doll that actually nurses like a real  baby. I’m not kidding.  Hungry Hispanic baby doll cries, nurses, burps!! The name is Baby Gloten, which means greedy baby.

This is made in Spain and logo is in Spanish, but the doll doesn’t speak, only cries and burps. It costs $60 and I don’t know who carries this item. I don’t know if this is available yet in the United States.

I wonder if it is FDA approved. I’m sure our government will come up with some law banning breastfeeding dolls. I think this doll would be good for a little girl who now has a baby brother or sister.

When Mommy is breastfeeding the new baby, the little girl, who up to now has been ‘the baby’ could whip out her nursing baby and rather than being jealous would be able to participate, so to speak.

Many baby dolls come with baby bottles and some moms object to this—they think that the bottles are sending a message to their little ones that babies should be bottle fed. Other moms worry when their kids pretend to breastfeed. Now a Spanish company is selling a doll that promotes breastfeeding.

Bebe Gloton is a doll that comes with a colorful vest that has flowers over the nipple area, which the little “mommy” wears. When the baby doll is lifted to the flowers it makes a suckling motion and sound. The doll is the average length of a real newborn, and it comes in baby boy and baby girl versions

OK: Back to the book. In the Tomorrow File lettuce came in sheets like Glad Wrap and tomatoes were a rarity. Coffee was black market.

I think I recall that everyone wore a uniform to denote his rank in society. Sort of a cross between George Orwell’s 1984 and now.

If  you haven’t read this book, I recommend it.

Book DescriptionPublication Date: August 1, 1985The bestselling master of sex and suspense–at his thrilling best!Here is the million-copy seller that conjures a what-if vision of America–as a nightmarish world of planned sex and casual terror, where a man and a woman who dare to love each other are hunted as dangerous criminals….”Brilliant, horrifying–a suspense novel with a diabolical plot twist.”–Mario Puzo