The other day when I saw the jeweled shoes at Neiman’s for $1000 I thought maybe I could jewel some myself. Then I started to figure out how many stones it would take to actually jewel two entire shoes and it came to over $500 in crystals.

And I would still have a pair of $50 shoes, not the gorgeous ones from Leboutin in Paris.

Plus you would have to use size 5 crystals to totally cover the leather, and I usually use a 7 or 9 size for my jeweling. You have to use a size five for details and writing words. My eyes hurt just thinking about it.

I really don’t have any shoes in my closet that would be good for this. Plus I think by the second shoe this project would get old.

But I have a box of all the odd and end stones I have used for jeweling my purses. My teacher said she has jeweled the heels on her shoes and that would be fun. I think I would need one pack of ten gross to do a pair. That would be $60 for 1440 stones. All the same color.

I will have to check out my shoe collection and see if there is any one pair I have that would warrant such a makeover. I did see some very plain high heel black suede shoes with crystals on the heels. They were $400.

Gee if I did a pair that would be about a $300 ‘savings’.

I recently bought this cute pair of silver leather shoes at Ross for $15. I decided to ‘try’ my skill at jeweling shoes by just doing the underside of the heel. This way if someone is sitting across from me and I have my feet up, they can see the jewels.

The two inner heels do not ‘match’. Not that it makes any difference. I seriously doubt if anyone will see them but me. (Plus it was a fun little project that only took an hour or so.)

At least I will know they are there. Sort of like wearing pretty lingerie.