Today I went to Neiman Marcus. I don’t usually shop for shoes there, but there was a big sale going on with racks loaded with shoes. I couldn’t resist, I started looking.

Most of the shoes were very dressy with four inch skinny high heels. They looked like something one would wear in New York to a very fancy event. And then only if you were under thirty and didn’t weigh over 110 pounds. Oh, and did I say you would have to also be rich, or have a rich boyfriend.

Even if your foot were a size eight, your dress size would have to be a four at the most. Otherwise I don’t know how you would stand up in these shoes for more than ten minutes.

I picked up a pretty shoe by Manolo Blahnik, of Sex and the City fame.  These are the style that Carrie Bradshaw is seen wearing while running down 5th Avenue. Regularly $835, now reduced to only $535. There were several similar markdowns.

Then I saw a beautiful Vera Wang shoe that was originally $545 and now only $295. Who buys these?

Now something caught my eye. A beautiful jeweled flat that would be perfect for my upcoming Las Vegas trip. I slipped it on and it was a perfect fit.

Just like Cinderella. I turned the shoe over. Uh, oh, a red bottom. That means it is a Leboutin shoe. Even I know that.

Then I looked at the price sticker and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Regularly $1650, Now only $1077. I had taken the photo of the shoe with my iPhone and now I was trying to discreetly take a photo of the price ticket, when a saleswoman came up and said, ‘Can I help you?’

Thus, the photo of the price sticker is all blurry, but you get the idea. Needless to say I didn’t buy the shoes. But they sure were pretty.