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I love EBoost. It is a packet of powder that you mix with water or juice and it is a great energy fix. It is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals and tastes good too. I drink it straight, with water and a little crushed ice.

My boyfriend likes his added to his breakfast smoothie of orange juice, blueberries etc. I sometimes have mine in the mid afternoon for a late day pick up. Especially helpful if you just got home from the market and now have to put all that stuff away and empty the dishwasher. (And you are seventy three years old).

I like the orange, but I also like the pomegranate/acai. They are sort of expensive and while they offer free shipping, not to Hawaii- and so today I got the brilliant idea to see if there was a coupon code to use on my order.

Voila! The greatest coupon ever. 50% off and Free Shipping (even to Hawaii). I promptly ordered a 20 pack of orange and a 30 pack of acai.

As soon as my order went through, I started calculating how long that would last me and I realized if I had one a day, I would run out just before my trip to Las Vegas. I don’t know how long this coupon code is good for.

So I went back online, and ordered a 60 pack of the orange (which is really the best deal). Regularly $79.99 but with the 50EBOOST coupon, only $39.99 (with free shipping). I was amazed that I could use it twice in one hour.

I like to travel with these, as they are perfect for adding to a bottle of water in an airport or on a plane. And the vitamins and minerals help me cope with jet lag. For a real taste sensation, add a packet to a glass of 7UP or gingerale.