Clay and Gemma are in the middle of this photo

I love to watch TV series that have a good story. I found one that I would have to rate as The Best series ever. The Son’s of Anarchy.

When this first came out, I didn’t watch it. The previews showed a biker gang zooming around on their Harleys. It didn’t seem like something that would interest me.

About a month ago a friend recommended that I watch it. Season one and two are available on Netflix streaming, so I gave it a shot.

The writer Keith Sutter is terrific. He must have been a biker at one time to be able to make this show so realistic. I think I will read up on his bio.

I just found out that he is married to the lead, Katey Sagal. And no, he wasn’t a biker. He just has a great imagination.

After one episode I was hooked. Not only is the story gripping, the acting is excellent. Each character is portrayed so well, that you forget it is just a TV show. It seems like real life.

Real life for a biker gang whose main source of income is gun running up and down the California coast. They have a legitimate business in their town, which appears to be where they get their money. It is a car repair business and the bikers are the mechanics.

Their source of guns comes from the IRA in Belfast and a lot of their dealings are international. In season three much of the filming takes place in Ireland. Or maybe it just looks that way.

Their headquarters is the town of Charming. This is a ‘made up’ name of a town somewhere near Merced. There is a Charming Police Department which figures heavily in the plot.

It seems for years and years the Sons have kept drugs and such out of their little town. Of course the price is that they ‘protect’ lots of the local businesses.

The main man Clay (President of the Son’s) is married to Gemma. She is one tough lady. She is played by Katey Sagal. You may remember her as Peg Bundy in Married with Children. It is hard to visualize her in that role, as this one is so entirely different.

Katey (Gemma) is a fantastic actress and she won the Golden Globe award for her part in Son’s. And you truly believe that her main concern is for her husband and her son. Her son Jaxx, is the Vice President of the Son’s. He is really the Hero of this series.

Each episode deals with a different problem in the gang’s life. Whether it is a rival gang, or a love interest it is always exciting.

The series deals with porn movies, crooked politicians and land developers, rape, murder, torture, paid off cops, kidnaps and murder.

I know it sounds pretty grim, but really it is so well done, you will find yourself rooting for the Son’s.

Season one and two are available on Netflix streaming. Season three can be purchased on iTunes for $19.99 or $29.99 for Hi Def. Season four is going to be starting on September 6 on FX.

I can’t decide whether to tape the whole series and watch it all at once, or drag it out and only watch one episode a week. I have watched the first thirty nine episodes in less than a month.