I love ice cream. I don’t like fat free ice cream. I have tried many kinds and Bryer’s Vanilla dreamy extra creamy no fat is the best.

It is still a far cry from Hagen Dazs or Magnum. But I did discover something very good and with very little fat.

Freeze a few bananas. Cut them into chunks first. Put some bananas in the cuisinart. I used two. Pulse a few times. Add some honey and for ‘fat’ add a spoon of tahini (sesame) or a little peanut butter. Process until nice and creamy. You can add some chopped walnuts and enjoy.

Tahini comes in a can that is white/brown/orange. It is usually on the top shelf near the Indian things like coucous and imported ethnic foods. I add a spoonful to homemade hummus.I keep an opened can in the fridge and it seems to last a long long time.

This tastes like very rich ice cream. I am not crazy about banana ice cream, but it doesn’t have a very strong flavor. If you want to really mask the banana flavor, you could add a splash of Kahlua or a little instant coffee that you have mixed wih a little hot water.

I think this will be my ‘diet’ dessert of the week. Tonight I will top it with some fresh sliced peaches. Sort of a Peach Melba.

On the subject of instant coffee, if you are making a milkshake using coffee flavor, mix a spoon of instant coffee with some hot water, add some powdered creamer like Coffee Mate and then use this as your ‘base’. Ice cubes, a little almond breeze, some splenda or honey and a package of Swiss Miss cocoa mix (lo cal) and you have a pretty decent milk shake that is very rich tasting but doesn’t have much in it.

I am not a good ‘dieter’ I have to trick myself into thinking I am eating something wonderful. My boyfriend eats a constant diet of no fat foods. Lots of brocolli, pasta and hummus. He says it tastes better than foods loaded with fat. Hmmm.

I am a big fan of Hungry Girl, both the website and all her cookbooks. If you haven’t discovered her yet, check it out. She even has a book on how to decalorize alcoholic drinks and appetizers. My favorite is Hungry Girl 123. Only three ingredients.

Some of her stuff is used over and over. She is a big user of Fiber One ground up as one would use ‘breading’ for frying. But she bakes everything and sprays it with non fat spray.

I don’t use her ideas as gospel, but I incorporate some of her recipes into my mix. The one she swears by that I absolutely refuse to try is her recipe for enchiladas. She uses canned pumpkin instead of the refried beans. Yuck.

She also does lots of things with won ton wrappers. Her ideas are good and she has up to date news on all the products that just came out and where to get them. It seems all the major companies are hopping on the 100 calorie bandwagon.