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Scream, scream, scream. I just ordered something on eBay. What a hassle!

First of all, my sister tried to order something and her credit card was rejected. I don’t know why, except her shipping and billing addresses do not match.

So out of the kindness of my heart, I said I would place the order and put it on my credit card.

I selected the item she wanted, a cup holder for her doggy stroller at $10.99 plus $10.42 shipping. I hit Guest checkout. I filled out the entire form, only to be ‘told’ that I already had an eBay account.

So I hit ‘sign in’, and guess what? In big red letters: My username or password was incorrect. As I didn’t remember either one, and didn’t even know I had an account, I decided to Register under a different email account.

Bad idea: I had to fill in name, address etc. Then username, and as mine was ‘already’ taken I had to figure out something else…which I will never remember.

Then to the password, which had to include letters and numbers. Uh, oh, enter again. Now they didn’t match. Fixed that.

Then onto a secret question: I had my choice of street I grew up on (and as we moved about ten times by the time I was ten, I didn’t think that was a good question.

I finally settled on mother’s maiden name. And now I thought I must be done.

But no, now we had to have my birthday with month, day and year.

I still couldn’t order item. No, I had to wait for an email from ebay condfirming my registration and activating my account.

Fiinally got back to item I wanted to order. Then I had to go through the Pay Pal stuff and I said I just wanted to pay with my credit card. After filling all this out and submitting it, I was advised that my shipping address and billing address did not match.

I looked them over, and they seemed to match to me, so I just clicked the one they recommended.

Done. This is the last item I will ever order on eBay. I’m sure  I will never remember my username or password. In fact, I can’t remember what I finally put and it’s only been ten minutes.

I just got two emails from eBay: Congratulations and Welcome.

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