I am always telling you about sweet fattening food items. The guilt has set in so I am including a couple of not sweet, fairly plain and healthy food items.

Here are a couple of easy dinner ideas: First is a mushroom, pasta dish. This is really easy.

For two or three, use half a pound of spagetti, one box of mushrooms and one chopped up leek.

In a big pot boil some spagetti. About nine or ten minutes is fine. Take the spagetti out and drain, but leave the water in the pot. In a big skillet with a lid, saute a cut up leek and a few cloves of chopped garlic in olive oil. Add some chopped up mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are best, but any kind will do.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Add a ladle of pasta water, cover and simmer until mushrooms are soft. Add pasta, cover with more water from the pot, cover and simmer till the water is absorbed. Toss with chopped up parsley.

This is a good ‘main’ dish or a side dish with meat or chicken. I like it with shredded parmesan cheese on top.

Another good side dish is also very healthy. Chop up an onion, brown in some olive oil with a can of drained garbanzo beans, add a little chopped up garlic. Stir for about five minutes until beans are a little browned.

Add juice and zest of one lemon and some torn up kale leaves, minus the stems. Stir for another minute or two, until kale is wilted. This makes two or three servings, or you can double recipe.

OK. That’s it. Tomorrow it will be back to the brownies and the hot fudge sauce.