Check out smartorstoopid. This is an ‘intelligence’ test. You can take it and see how you compare with others. I am 14% smarter than average. Hooray!

Seriously, I love to take quizes and tests. In fact, when I was a girl I always loved taking tests. Especially the ones in the back of the workbooks.

My next door neighbor was Catholic. She had very hard Cataclysm workbooks and I loved helping her with her homework. I could whiz right through them and I didn’t even go to Catholic school.

When I went to UCLA there was a test everyone had to take to see where they would be placed in English class their freshman year. I had been an Honors English student in a very fine private high school, so I had no worries going in to the test.

It was held in a huge auditorium with little ‘desks’ on the armrests. There were about one thousand people taking the test and it was 100 degrees in the room. There was no air conditioning back in 1955.

I flunked and had to take “Bonehead English” my Freshman year. This is a required no credit course to prepare you for English 1A. This was all about nouns and verbs and pronouns. Ugh.

As an adult I have taken many tests. Of course all my written driving tests in Hawaii, California and Nevada. Then all my real estate license tests in those same states.

When I started selling timeshare in Las Vegas, a real estate license was not required. There was a timeshare license school which cost $100 and then you took a fifty question multiple choice ‘test’. I’m sure everyone passed.

The school was part timeshare school and part ‘dealer’ school’. The lobby was set up with black jack tables where students were learning to shuffle and deal cards. The timeshare school part was a 10′ x 10′ office with a teacher on a one to one class.

After reading the six page brochure, I took the exam on a yellow tablet. a, b, c, 1, 2, 3. “You pass. Here is your license. That will be $50.”

I read very fast and take tests very fast. Most real estate tests are given with a four hour time limit. It has been embarrassing to turn in my paper after only an hour or so, when everyone in the room is glaring at me as I leave.

One extra ‘trick’ I have done when taking supposedly difficult real estate exams (that nobody passes on the first try), is to tuck a very strong magnet into a headband and wear it. I don’t know if this really does anything, but I have always passed every real estate exam on the ‘first take’.

If you are a guy or don’t want to wear a headband, you could tie a bandana around your forehead and tuck it in there, or just scotch tape the magnet to your head. I use a Nikken gold round flat magnet.

Really, if you do all your studying, then a test shouldn’t be that hard. One thing I never do is to change the answer to any question I have already answered. Your first answer is usually the best.