Here are some funny signs I thought I would share with you. I started thinking about other funny signs and warnings I had posted over the years.

Twenty years ago I was living in Palm Springs, California. We had a large front yard and pool and as a warning to keep away, we purchased a life size ceramic doberman pincher and posted “him” at the front door. We bought a real dog collar with spikes and put it on him.

He was so real looking, that he scared the mailman. Delivery men left items at the gate and visitors called ahead to ask us to please secure our dog.

Later we moved to a ranch with a fence and a gate. We set the doberman on our front porch. This was visible to anyone at the gate. Then we posted the sign. The one about making it to the fence is 2.8 seconds is the sign we posted on the fence.

I no longer need a ‘fake’ dog to keep out unwanted visitors. No, I live in a high rise condo and for anyone to get into the building they have to phone in on our code and get an OK from me by buzzer to open the door.

It is really a pain in the neck, but it serves a good purpose and I always feel safe coming home at night, as I know that nobody who doesn’t belong here could ever get into this building.

In this day and age when people are giving up their land lines and just using their cell phones, this will not work in this building as our telephone lines are connected to the entry admission phones at the front door.

Actually I like all of these funny signs. But my favorite one is: The drink sign below.