I get so angry at the crazy shipping ‘rules’ for sending items to Hawaii. Most online companies consider Hawaii to be a foreign country or an international destination.

When their Free Shipping or Free Shipping with a $25 order pop up in their ads, I think, or I should say hope that this means Hawaii too.

Usually it doesn’t. There will be an extra ten dollars or so tacked on to every order. The worst one was when I was ordering a tee shirt from HBO with a logo about my boyfriend’s favorite TV show.

The shirt was $15.95 and the shipping charge was $22. No tax.

I order certain cosmetics through the mail. Sephora always gives free shipping with a $50 order, and sometimes even with a $25 order.

Ulta cosmetics never gives us Hawaii folks free shipping online. But if you go to the trouble to phone and get to talk to a real live person, they will usually honor their free shipping policy with a refund.

Another thing that I find very annoying is that some items can’t be shipped  by air, only ground. Usually this refers to perfume and nail polish. But not all companies seem to have this policy. At first I thought it was a US post office thing.

But no, because just today I got two bottles of nail polish from Milani Cosmetics. And why would I order nail polish by mail when I could go to CVS/Longs and buy this? Well here is why.

CVS/Longs does not carry all the colors. I wanted a shade called Dressmaker, which is a ‘knockoff’ of the Chanel ‘Jade’ which is no longer available. Two bottles plus shipping is about half the price of one bottle of Chanel. No tax. Plus it arrived in two days. Cheap Alternatives for Chanel Jade Nail Polish.

Today I got my monthly supply of Cartilage supplements. These are very good. The company is Nuskin. I took these for a while and they really helped my ‘old’ creaky knees. After a few years I figured I was ‘cured’ so I stopped.

Wrong. Not cured. So I started up my auto delivery again. Today I got my first batch. I couldn’t imagine what was in the huge box stuffed in my mailbox. The box is 10″ x 10″ x 10″. The bottle is a regular size vitamin bottle.

Here is the photo: (Shipping charge $7. I think this could come in a padded envelope like my vitamins come from Susan Lark M.D., with free shipping.