I woke up with a cold. I haven’t had one in a long time and didn’t know just what to do. I remember you are supposed to drink orange juice. Luckily I had a big jug in the fridge.

Then I decided to poke through my cupboards to see if I had any ‘cold’ medicine around. I was really looking for an item called EmergenC. This is very good if taken at the first sign of a cold.

None of that, but I did find two boxes of TheraFlu. One is the daytime non drowsy variety and the other is Night Time TheraFlu.

Once about thirty years ago I was in London and due to the dampness I ‘caught’ a cold. I went to the pharmacy and found a similar item to TheraFlu. Sort of an English version. Wow! One packet and I was cured.

I sure wish I had brought home a few packets. There is nothing like it in this country. Of course it would be expired by now.

The instructions say to put six ounces of cool water in a cup. Add powdered packet, stir and microwave for one and a half minutes. Then drink like tea.

ICK ICK ICK. This is the worst tasting stuff ever. Like citrus poison. I sure hope it works. Uh, oh, i just realized I must have had this for over five years. Sure hope there is no expiration date. Better go check the box. Too late.

OK. Have you ever tried to find the expiration date on a navy blue box? The date is stamped into the cardboard and I’m sorry to say that the daytime one expired in November of 2003. This is the one I just drank. Maybe that is why it tasted so awful.

The night time one expired in May of 2009. Guess I should throw these both away. Darn, that means I have to go to Longs and get something more current. In the olden days it was just aspirin, juice and time.

In fact if you went to the doctor for a cold you could get over it in seven days. Otherwise it took a whole week.