Yesterday was the beginning of the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is the Larry David show on HBO and I always love it.

Larry David is the man who wrote Seinfeld. The character George on that show is his alter ego. Based on himself. This show is really himself.

He is extremely funny and gets himself into lots of self deprecating situations. He means well, but somehow it doesn’t come off the way he hoped.

In this first episode the subject was his divorce. He thought he had hired a Jewish lawyer as the man’s name was Berg. Turns out he was a Swede and Larry fired him. He then hired a Jewish lawyer who was so bad.

Poor Larry lost his house in the divorce. Among other things.

In real life Larry David is one of Hollywoods most eligible bachelors. Besides being very rich and funny, he is also sensitive and in ‘good shape’ for a man of his age. I think he is about 65. He now has a 37 year old girlfriend.

Now if a 65 year old woman had a 37 year old boyfriend, that would seem really terrible. But the other way around is OK.

Of course the fact that he is worth $500 million dollars could make him a great deal more interesting. But the article does say, she really likes his sensitivity. Sure.

I have had several ‘boyfriends’ who were 14 years younger and that never seemed odd. Now my ‘boyfriend’ is nine years younger than me. Plus I think most men my age are pretty boring.

By the way, what is the correct term for ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ when both partners are seniors. Are we ‘going steady’?

Women of seventy color their hair, keep up with fashion and use makeup. Men of seventy almost never do any of these things. I went to my fiftieth class reunion from high school a few years back and even then most of the guys were all white haired and out of shape.

Most of them were still wearing the same style khaki pants they wore in high school. Not the same size however.