One of my favorite things to eat in all the world is a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cone. For the past fifty years, I cannot walk by a DQ without buying one of these. A close second is their hot fudge sundae, but it is served in such a small plastic cup, it is a real mess to eat.

So imagine my delight when I found the recipe for this magic chocolate shell coating. And my even further delight when I realized how simple it is to make.

First you will need one and a quarter cups of semi sweet chocholate chips. Add half a cup of coconut oil. Measure the oil in its solid state. Melt these together in a glass bowl in the microwave. One minute should do it,

Now the actual DQ recipe calls for six ounces of chips, 1/4 cup hard margarine and 1/4 cooking oil like Canola. Same method.

Stir till blended. It will be runny. Pour into a bottle. I used a recyclyed pickle relish bottle. A funnel is a big help in pouring.

Refrigerate. When ready to squirt on ice cream, take out of fridge, put in microwave oven with the cap open. Nuke for 30 seonds, shake and another 15 seconds if needed. Then squirt on ice cream.

Just like Dairy Queen.

OK. Here are some alternate choices. You can use butter instead of the coconut oil. Not quite the same flavor, but same consistency. You can also use milk chocolate Hershey bars if you don’t have the chocolate chips.

Here is what I did. I used two 1.55 oz Hershey bars, two 1/2 oz unsweetened chocolate squares and one stick of unsalted butter. Yum yum.

p.s. if this seems like a lot of trouble, you can buy a plastic squirt bottle of Hershey’s magic shell topping for $1.99 at Longs. (CVS)