• Guess what? I joined a coffee club. That’s right, I even get to choose my very own farmer. I chose Angel Lopez from Guatamala. His coffee has a hazenut flavor, which I like.
  • Check out Coffee CSA on the internet. You can choose your farmer, country, or blend.
When you sign up for a shipment of two pounds every four weeks it is automatically charged to your credit card. Shipping is included. Two pounds is $31.98. (no tax)
The coffee is sent from a facility in California and it comes Priority Mail in a few days. Unfortunately for me there was a Sunday and the 4th of July in the middle of my shipping week, so it took a little longer this time.
The coffee comes in a two pound paper bag and is so strong, you can smell it in the mailbox. I can’t wait to try it.
I understand that coffee beans must be kept airtight and in a dark, cool place. I guess my pantry cupboard is about as dark and cool as it gets around here. As for the airtight container, I spent two hours going to various coffee stores to try to find such an item. No dice.
I got the brilliant idea to try Williams and Sonoma, the kitchen store, and Voila. The container is called AirScape. It is stainless steel with a rubber/plastic sleeve inside that you push down over the coffee beans. Then you put on the lid. Only $27.50 for the 64 oz. size and $21.50 for the 32 oz. size.
Between the coffee grinder, the container, the coffee maker and filters and of course the coffee itself, we are talking big bucks. That Via instant coffee from Starbucks is looking better and better.

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