For the past month I have been following the Casey Anthony trial. I haven’t been watching every single day, but my sister who is an avid fan of court TV has watched every minute of this trial.

We live in Honolulu, Hawaii and the trial is taking place in Florida. This means that 8 a.m. in Florida is 2 a. m. in Hawaii. For the past month my sister has been getting up at two in the morning to watch this live.

She was convinced that she was Guilty and hoping she would get the death penalty or at least life in prison. I, on the other hand, thought she would walk. Well it turns out I was right.

Not Guilty of Murder in the First Degree and all other major charges. She was found guilty of giving false information to a police officer. I can’t imagine that is much of a major offense.

When the cameras panned onto the prosecution table the lawyers looked to be in shock. The parents were seen leaving the court room. Meanwhile the defense team looked very pleased.

Jose Baez, the lawyer for the defense is no Johnny Cochran and he made the judge very angry during the trial. Evidently he did OK in the long run, as he got a not guilty verdict for his client, (who probably wasn’t not guilty).

But I don’t think the prosecution proved ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. And that is the kicker.

Guilty on giving false information to the police is a misdemeanor and as she has already spent two and a half years in jail, she probably will get off with time served.

In any case, Casey will be a free woman pretty soon and probably a very rich one. I imagine the advance on her book will be in the seven figures.  Surely more people would be interested to hear her story than would want to read about Hillary Clinton.

This would make a good movie. I wonder who will get to play the lead? Hmm? Sissy Spacek would have been perfect but she is probably too old to play a 25 year old. I read where she was born in 1949, which would make her 61 or 62 years old.

Let’s see, who is there that sort of looks like her? Someone who is about five feet tall and weighs 95 pounds soaking wet would be perfect. All she has to do is look sullen. Makeup and hair should be easy, as she doesn’t wear any makeup and hair is just a ponytail.

Look for her photo on the cover of every major magazine and all the tabloids next time you go to the market. Gee, maybe there will be a Casey Anthony doll by Mattel. Sort of a short, flat chested Barbie with a pony tail and very tacky clothes.

I’m sure the jury is happy this case is over. They have been away from their families for over a month. Maybe that is one reason they came to such a speedy verdict.

The sentencing will be at nine a.m. on Thursday morning. Actually here in Hawaii we will know at three o’clock in the morning.