I have always wanted a patchwork quilt and today I bought one. Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with patchwork quilts. It all started with a storybook.

This book was called The Patchwork Quilt and it was about a little girl whose grandmother made this quilt for her. Each square was from a dress that the grandmother had worn as a young girl. And each square had a story.

One was from the dress she had worn the first day of school and so on. Each chapter was told by the grandmother to the girl and had to do with that particular dress and what happened when she wore it.

I spend a lot of time on top of my bed. I have always enjoyed reading and writing in bed and now I like watching TV in bed. And every morning I meditate, while sitting up in bed.

Now I have a very cheerful setting for all this. The name of this pattern is Melinda Sue. Sounds kind of southern.

A friend of mine from high school days is a quilt maker. His name is Marvin and he lives in Kansas City. His quilts are works of art. The one I got is not a work of art, but it is very nice.

If  you are ever going to buy yourself a quilt, get a big one. I have a queen size bed but a queen size quilt is just too small. So I got a King size one and it is perfect. The one I chose came with two shams and now my bedroom looks sort of old fashioned. Fun.

What inspired me to get this today, was a Macy’s 4th of July ad. There was a very good special. All size quilts $39.99. These came with two matching shams and the sets were regularly $100. Lucky I live across the street from Macy’s. They had one King set left.

And every time I walk into my bedrooom I think about that favorite book from over sixty years ago.