You may want to read yesterday’s blog first, as this one is sort of a Chapter II on the same subject.

My blog yesterday about the U.S. Open was very timely. Today there was even more hoopla in the newspaper. Seems that Rory is going to be the ‘new’ Tiger and may even rival Jack Nicklaus in the world of golf.

Look for him on the cover of Time, Sports Illustrated and Golf Today. And now we have a real All American boy next door looking golfer. Except he is from Ireland.

He is definitely going to have to get some better looking golf clothes. Maybe he can sign a deal with Nike and they can give him an endless number of Rory golf shirts to wear. And a hat.

I don’t recognize the brand shirt and hat he is wearing. It must be a company from Ireland. Maybe they are his sponser, in which case he may not be able to ‘sign’ with Nike. Boo hoo.

But maybe he can be the ‘face’ of the Tag Hauer watch now that Tiger has been such a bad boy. Somehow I just can’t see Rory as a wild playboy type. Of course Tiger didn’t seem that way either.

I have a great idea for a golf shirt. How about one that is sort of like a body suit. This would not get untucked when you swing your golf club and would make all the men have a nice smooth looking stomach.

For men this could have a built in fly with a velcro bottom. For women, just the velcro bottom. (Or some soft snaps).

Just a thought. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In my blog yesterday I also wrote about fashion in sports and how things have evolved in the world of tennis wear. Well it seems we are back to white. Venus Williams shocked the tennis world yesterday when she wore a nearly see through tennis dress at Wimbledon.