I guess I was born sixty years too early. When I was ten years old I fell and broke my wrist. All I got was an ugly white plaster of paris cast.

It wasn’t even a fun thing that you had your friends sign. And you couldn’t get it wet. And it was very heavy.

When my granddaughter fell out of a tree and broke her wrist, not only was her cast fiberglass, she had a choice of colors. Of course she chose purple. I would have too, if I had been given a chance to choose a color.

She doesn’t look too upset over this. She has still been able to go to birthday parties and camping trips. And if you have to break something, a wrist is a good thing.

Falling out of a tree from ten feet up could be pretty serious. She could have cracked her skull or broken her neck or a leg.

When I fell and broke my wrist, I was playing on the monkey bars. Do they still have those? These were two long bars with short bars in between. Sort of like a metal ladder sideways. It was about five feet off the ground.

The object was to swing from bar to bar like a monkey. Hence the name. But I was never very good at any sports.

I think the children today just sit around playing with their cell phones. Or Nintendo. And according to Apple, most children of ten will now have their own iPad.

When I was ten, my big thrill was a new pencil box. And of course new pencils and a pink eraser.

In the photo below, you see Cami with her eyeglasses. Purple, of course. I don’t think children got eyeglasses in the ‘olden’ days. Or if they did, they were just round metal ones.

Now there are special stores with glasses just for children. Probably all that TV and computer watching from the time they are babies isn’t so good for their little growing eyes.

I remember when my grandson was two, he already knew the password for his parent’s computer. Which they had to change as soon as he could talk.

So when he went to the doctor for his two year old checkup, the doctor introduced himself, “Hello, Ben, I am Dr. Johnson”.

And Ben replied, Oh, doctor, D-O-C-T-O-R. And the doctor just about fell over.

Cami with her purple cast