Whenever I  get in the mood to bake a cake, I try to make sure it looks special in some way. Either I use an interesting pan, or in this case I really went to town on the frosting. This is not very hard to do.

First of all the frosting is wonderful. Cream together one stick of softened unsalted butter, one eight ounce package of softened Philidelphia cream cheese and one teaspoon of vanilla. Add one pound of sifted powdered sugar gradually. Beat till smooth in an electric mixer.

If it is too thick, add a drop of milk. Mine was perfect as is.

To make decorations, put a glob of icing in a small cup. One for each color  you will be using. I just happened to have orange and green food coloring tubes. Sort of like a gel (from Walmart). This is in the Wilton cake decorating department.

One set of tubes will last me the rest of my life. You only need a drop or two. And the color doesn’t get all over your hands like the regular liquid food coloring.

Usually I make one big carrot cake, but then you only get four corners and the corners are the best part. So, it is just as easy to make two squares. (And then you get eight corners).

The carrots were easy to do freehand. I used the pointy end of a steak knife for my tool. Then the green part I just sort of stroked on. After it set a minute or two, I took a toothpick and drew some lines on the carrots. Voila.

A funny thing happened. As the cakes were coming out of the oven, the Terminix man arrived for his quarterly inspection. He said, “Gee that sure smells good. What is it?”.  I said, “Carrot cake”. And he said, “Are there really carrots in carrot cake”?

I don’t know about you, but that struck me as terribly funny.