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Some good stuff

This may gross you out, but women have hair too. Some have it on their face and women can’t shave. I am lucky not to have this problem, but I do have soft ‘down’ on my cheeks. I have found that by using Nair face cream it makes your skin totally smooth.

There are four good reasons for doing this. First, it looks nice. Second, your creams and lotions will penetrate your skin better. Three, your foundation makeup and blush will go on like silk. And four, your face will look thinner.

Any one of the above makes the five minute effort and the $5 worth it, but all four together and you really have something.

Now for legs. When I was twelve years old I wanted to shave my legs for the first time. I had a huge todo with my parents as to whether I was ‘old enough’. I must have won, cause I did it. In those days we just used soap and our father’s razor.

Now even Jennifer Lopez is advertising Ladies Razors. It isn’t hush hush anymore. No, there are TV ads aimed at young girls.

I have tried many different brands. Bic, Venus, Gillette and Shick 3x. But I have now found The Best of all. The Schick Hydro 5. This was a free sample in one of my beauty supply purchases. Now I am totally hooked.

I had already found the Shick Hydro shaving cream. It is outstanding. I like the moisturizing hydratant type. (There is also one for sensitive skin). It is a bright tourquoise gel and a little goes a long way. The can is the size of a whipped cream squirt can and usually around $2 to $4. (Depends if it is on sale, two for one or what?)

The razor has five blades and a very easy to change cartridge. No worry about slicing your finger. So far I have used the same one about ten times and it seems just fine. There are lots of sales on this item and usually a coupon in your Sunday paper.

I don’t think the razor or the cream is specifically designed for women. No, the razor is blue and white. Definitely a ‘man’ color. The shaving cream can is also blue and white and the gel is touquoise.

I think they will have to come out with a pink version, (or how about fuscia for a real thrill?)

I must confess, I don’t have to shave ‘under my arms’. About forty years ago, I decided to once and for all take care of that problem. I had the area waxed. This was a very long, expensive (and at first, painful procedure.) I had to go to the cosmetologist every other week for about a year.

There are wax strips and other do it yourself methods, but frankly I think this is one area you should go to a professional.

Now there is laser and I’m sure it is much faster and less painful than ripping the hairs out by the roots. Whatever method you use, this is a very good idea. You will feel like a swan and the results are astounding

Another area is the bikini wax. This is definitely not a ‘do it yourself’ project. Yes, it hurts, but only the first ten times or so. I have never been brave enough to have a total Brazillian wax. I think this is more for young nubile girls.

If you ever saw the movie Sex in the City 2, Carrie Bradshaw goes to Los Angeles and decides to go ‘Hollywood’ and have a Brazillian bikini wax. It is a hysterical scene and when she is done she said she ‘feels like a chiuaua’.