Amazon’s trade-in program, which was previously only for a few items like books, video games, and DVDs, now includes electronics as well. If you have an old cellphone, camera, or other gadget that you aren’t using anymore, you can send it off to Amazon and they’ll credit your account (which, frankly, is almost as good as cash). They’ll even pay the shipping fees for you. Head on over to their trade-in page to see if your gadgets are eligible (or to buy some discounted, pre-owned gadgets yourself), and hit the link to read more. [Amazon via Mashable]

 Electronics Trade-In

Find calculators, cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, and more to trade in. Beta (What’s this?)

Trade-in your calculators, cellphones, tablets, or MP3 players at
Search for items to trade in. Your trade-in items must meet the product eligibility criteria.
Ship Your Items for Free
Print a shipping label
and packing slip, package your items,
and ship them for FREE.
Receive an Gift Card
An Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of items.

Once the items you shipped have been delivered to the processing facility,you’ll receive payment for all verified trade-in items within two business days.
Isn’t this neat? I have a new iPhone and my ‘old’ iPhone was just sitting on my desk gathering dust. So I packed it up. And Voila!
Now before you send it in you have to remove all the apps and restore your phone to the factory settings. You also have to remove the sim card. As I didn’t really know how to do any of these things, I went to the Apple Genius Bar.
If you have the box and instructions that is even better. I had neither of these. (Hope my trade in isn’t rejected.)
Soon I will have $125 credit at Amazon. I’m sure I’ll think of something I want.
I really like their Oro Gold face cream at $30 a jar. This is made out of 24K gold. Really. The retail on this cream is $300 plus, so that is a good savings. I could get four jars. Enough to last me till Christmas

And besides trading in an item that is no use to me, I would be ‘saving’ over $1200. Really.