Have you ever had a Bad Hair Day? Well here is a solution. This great hat, with built in hair.

Before I go into today’s subject, I would like to add an ingredient to yesterdays Apple Crostata (rustic apple pie) recipe. I always grate about a tablespoon on orange rind into the apple mixture. Use your zester and just make little shreds from a whole orange. If for some reason you don’t happen to have an orange, you can use lemon zest. And if you don’t have either one, that is OK too.


Yesterday I was at Ala Moana Shopping Center. I was looking for a golf gift for my soon to be twelve year old grandson. I got him some great smileyface stickers that you press on your golf ball so you can tell your ball from others.

As I was checking out, I saw this great hat/with hair. $19.95 or two for $35.99. I just got one. It only comes in this pattern and in this hair color. (dark brown) Really fun.

If you absolutely have to have one of these beauties, you can email me at sandyconrad@hawaii.rr.com. For one, that would be $27 which would include Hawaii state tax and shipping to you in a priority flat rate envelope. Two would be $43.

No profit to me. Unless you want to include an extra dollar for gas and time. Don’t think I’ll get rich on this deal. The lady in the golf shop said they have sold 500 so far.

I was going to save it for Halloween, but tried it on and it looked so good, I will wear it today. I am going to Longs and the Post Office, so that should be perfect.

The hair is attatched by velcro, so it you wanted to put in on a different hat, you could sew a piece of velcro inside the hat band and there you go.

I almost never have a bad hair day. My hair is short and spikey and if I don’t like it, I just snip off a piece here and there. (With my great hair scissors from Sephora). Very sharp and pointy. ($28 and worth every penny)

Yesterday I had a hair treatment to moisturize my hair. It was a real treat. First the girl put oil all over my hair and scalp. Then for twenty minutes she massaged it in. Then ten minutes under the dryer. Then shampoo and condition.

My hair is like silk. My daughters gave me a spa certificate for Mother’s Day and this was one of my indulgences.

My aunt, who is now 88 years old, has gorgeous hair. People still stop her on the street and admire her hair.  She learned how to have beautiful hair from her mother (my grandmother).

Aunt Roz was sixteen when I was born and during the war I lived with her and her new baby. Her husband was away in the Army and my family was all split up due to the evacuation from Hawaii. She has always seemed more like a mother/sister/friend than an aunt.


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Aunt Roz has always been a snappy dresser.

Here she is at 88, with silver sneakers to match her cane. (and note the Sephora bag)

Me and My Aunt Roz at Bloomingdales, Beverly Center

I am 5’5″ and she is not sitting down. She is a size 0

Her secret: Castor oil. You can buy it at the drugstore for about $3 for a bottle. Before you shampoo your hair, rub castor oil into your scalp and root area. Cover with a shower cap and leave on as long as you can. Then shampoo as usual (twice). Voila!