“Too soon old, too late schmart”. This is an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that seems to make more sense every day.

You may have to get a magnifying glass to read this cartoon, but believe me it is worth the effort. If you can read it without the magnifying glass, it probably doesn’t apply to you.

I was watching TV last night and there was a commercial for Cymbalta. I think. It is for pain in your knees and joints due to arthritis, but when the spokesman started talking about all the side effects, I think I would just rather have arthritis.

Between liver failure and heart attack, nausea and constipation, light headedness and a few other things including death, I am amazed that the FDA gave them permission to sell this product.

So many drugs have terrible side effects, I think that prevention is probably the best solution. I take a good multivitamin, calcium and D.

I still have achy knees, but I take Osteo Bi-Flex for that. There are about ten different versions of that. I got all excited when I heard about their one a day pill.

The pharmacist said I should take the one that is three a day, as it is a more complete formula. The good news is that you can take them all at once. With a meal.

Another product that should have a warning label is glue. There are lots of different types. Tacky, duco, quick, hot etc. But I have found the easiest and best type for most of my needs. A glue stick. How simple is that? This looks sort of like a chap stick and you just smear it on the paper and Voila.

I just found one that is purple but it dries clear. The good thing about this is that you can see where you have put it. Very good for reusing stamps that have lost their stickiness.

It makes sense to buy a multi pack of glue sticks. Sometimes Office Depot or Office Max has a very good deal on these. Such as five for $1. Whenever you see this, pick up a couple of packs.

Distribute them around the house. Bathroom, desk, gift wrap department etc. You will wonder how you ever lived without this item.

Here is a handy idea: If  you cut the address off your junk mail, these make very good return mailing labels. Just a swipe of a glue stick and you are all set.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.