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Before I begin this blog, I have to tell you that the crazy spacing is not

my doing. There is a ‘bug’ in the wordpress print style today.

I just got this great offer in my email and promptly ordered an 8 x 10 collage absolutely free.

They will mail it to you, or you can pick it up at any Walgreens of your choice. I chose to pick

mine up, as I thought it might be quicker, living in Hawaii.

You can make this with up to twenty of your photos. I used thirteen, as that made for nice

size sections. You can choose your own title using one of their several font choices and you

also get to choose your border color. There are about a dozen choices including black.

This is a Mother’s Day promotion, but you could make a Happy Birthday or whatever.

I did a Happy Halloween one, as I am going to visit my grandchildren for Halloween.

I used photos from a past Halloween when they were a little younger.

I just proof read my blog and the spacing is very odd. It just turned out this way.

I did not do this on purpose. But the content is correct. Sorry.


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This is the collage I made. Walgreens did the arranging. There is a nice

Happy Halloween title at the top, but it doesn’t show on this copy.The top

photos are of my daughter’s house/driveway/front lawn.(Really gorgeous

estate in Hillsborough, CA. Just south of San Francisco.) Interior is their

family room/kitchen.Ben, and Cami ages eight and six. Me, age seventy.

Now, I have heard of fast service, but this is amazing. I made this

collage and placed the order about half an hour ago, and this email

just popped up. Wow!

Your Walgreens print order is ready!Dear Sandra,Thanks for your recent print order from Walgreens. Your order has been processed and is available for pickup at the Walgreens location listed below.Order Number: 13856772007
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