Photosmart Premium e-All in One 310 Series Wireless Printer

I finally broke down and bought a new printer. I had the plainest one HP makes and it was really clunky. Hard to read the dial and very slow.

Out of ink, so I decided to go to Office Depot. While seaching through the four hundred kinds of printer ink, I noticed a Today Only special on the HP Photosmart Premium Printer. Regularly $199.99. Today only $89.99. My kind of a sale.

I got a two minute demonstration and was ‘sold’. There is a nifty screen with colored icons that you just touch to do whatever it is you want to do. The screen looks like a larger version of the iPhone and works much the same way.

You can scroll down or across and the graphics are very good. It is sort of like a mini computer. You can even print out recipes, sudoku games and maps, right from the printer screen.

However, I am stuck. I want to know how to print an envelope. I think I will have to go back to the store and get another lesson in how to do this.

There are so many bells and whistles on this printer and the instructions are lacking in any detail. Mostly they say to go online for help. I am not very good at this.

I did look up a uTube tutoriorial on How to Make an Envelope. But the person assumes you know how to use Word. I asked my boyfriend and he said, “Just hit templates in Word”. Great. Where is that? “And then choose envelope.”

I’m sure my grandchildren will be laughing their a—– off when they read this someday. Here is their 73 year old grandmother trying to ‘print an envelope’. How lame is that?

I did it. I did it.

No, it wasn’t easy, but I figured it out. And it only took me one hour to print my first envelope. After this it will be a piece of cake. Now that I know which buttons to push. And to think I only ruined one envelope in the process.

Back to my new printer. It really makes gorgeous photo prints. Very professional. Unlike my old printer which only had two ink cartridges, this one has five.

I am sure glad my professional photographer boyfriend was here yesterday when I set this up. It is so nifty. Did I say it is wireless?

No cable from the computer to the printer. This printer just has to be plugged into the wall, or an extension cord and that’s it. You can even put it on a table or something that is a convenient height.

This printer is black. That seems to be the color for printers. Why? How ’bout something else? White? Red? Navy Blue?

OK. Gotta go. I’m going to try http://www.hpservice/ and just hope and pray they can tell me how to print a photo on photo paper that is 4 x 6 inches. Again, no instructions on how to do this came with this photo printer.

There are little ‘show me’ parts on the screen, but this is how to load the ink cartridges. Would you believe there are about seven steps for each of the five cartridges? Hopefully I won’t have to do this too often.