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How odd!

Isn’t this the oddest looking bread? This is how it comes out of a bread machine. I have a Cuisinart with sixteen different settings, but the bread pan is this cube shape. Who designed this? I can probably get five slices out of this at the most.

I have had this machine for over a year and I think I made bread in it once. It didn’t rise much as my yeast was expired, so I lost interest. But I have at least four bread making books for the bread machine.

Usually I’m out of something. But today I had non fat dry milk, lemon juice, yeast and the only thing I had to substitute was the bread flour.

So today I decided to try it again. This time my yeast was fine, but I didn’t have bread flour. So I made it with all purpose flour. Don’t tell, ok?

I went to the market this afternoon and decided to buy some bread flour for ‘next time’. Oh, my God. There are now about ten different kinds of flour. Bleached, unbleached, bread flour by three different companies, cake flour and plain old all purpose flour.

I settled on Gold Medal bread flour which was the medium priced one. King Arthur brand is supposed to be the best, but frankly flour is flour. And salt is salt. And sugar is sugar.

I haven’t sliced this bread yet. I was going to serve it for dinner and it looks better in one piece.

My other cooking creation today is chicken in a beer brine. I haven’t bought beer in a long time and I figure for marinating chicken, how great does the beer have to be. Somehow I couldn’t see soaking the bird in Heineken or Guiness, which is what I usually drink.

As I was in a Japanese market, the big special was on Japanese beer. So I tried Sapporo. A twelve pack for only $7.99. Half price, and I can marinate six chickens.

How you make the marinade is to mix two cups of water with four cans of beer. Add 1/4 cup Kosher salt and 1/4 cup brown sugar. This is enough for two cut up chickens. I made half.

Soak in fridge for eight hours  but not more than 24. Rinse and dry. Put chicken in pan in fridge for one hour to crisp the skin. Then rub with spices and some oil and grill.

Spices are the usual garlic powder/onion powder/salt/pepper etc. I use a Kona coffee rub. Also I don’t have a grill so I will just broil these in the oven.

Supposed to be very moist and juicy. We shall see. I remember when I did have a barbeque, I once made chicken by spreading the legs and sort of standing it on an open can of beer and roasting it. I think the beer fumes  got into the chicken. I think this is called Drunken Chicken.

If the brine works out ok then I will use it for a turkey. I decided to get one of those as I haven’t done a turkey in a long time. The last time I made a turkey I soaked it in a brine made out of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, salt and sugar. Not bad.

Turkey is a much better ‘deal’ than chicken. The other day I got a five pound chicken and it was over $20. Today I got a fourteen pound turkey for the same price. And I like turkey better than chicken.

There are so many great things you can do with leftovers. My absolute favorite is a hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy on good white bread. Gee, I’ve even got the bread.