When I read about injustice to women in the world today, I get enraged. The latest today was from Pakistan. It seems that in 2002, a woman who was 30 was ordered by the village elders to be gang raped. This was in retaliation for her thirteen year old brother who had an alleged relationship with a woman from a wealthier family. (Seems like a just punishment to me)

Wonder how these ‘elders’ got elected? I guess this was their idea of having the punishment fit the ‘crime’. Or maybe this is how they get their ‘jollies’. Sort of like Pakistani S and M porno. Live. (I’m sure they had to witness this event to make sure it was done correctly.)

Most women who are raped in Pakistan either don’t report this crime or simply commit suicide. It is a real stigma. But this woman did, and she accused fourteen men of this attack.

Miraculously the court found them guilty and six were put to death. The rest were imprisoned for life. Yesterday, the Supreme Court in that country overturned the convictions and released the five remaining men. After nine years in prison, I bet they have a lot of pent up anger.

The woman who complained in the first place is now terrified of retaliation by these men against her and her family. In the meantime she has become a real spokesperson for women’s rights, opening a school and a shelter for battered women.

It is hard to imagine that this is going on today. It is very dangerous for women in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Very seldom is the man or men charged with any crime. In most cases they are simply not to blame in any way. It was the woman’s fault for just being there.

Stoning is also practiced in these same areas. This is usually the punishment for adultery or other moral issues. Sometimes it is practiced when a couple marry against the wishes of the girl’s father.

I feel very fortunate to live in a country that does not practice such barbaric behavior. I married a man who my family did not approve of and I probably would be dead by now, if this method of displeasure was going on here.

So many marriages today are non-traditional. Inter faith, inter racial, different economic and educational backgrounds just to mention a few that we take for granted.

One of the ‘funniest’ recent marriages was the one between Chelsea Clinton and her now husband. He was a power broker on Wall Street and Jewish to boot. Chelsea was worried that he might someday cheat on her like her father did when he was president. So she had a prenup drawn up saying that if he cheated, he would pay her $10 million.

So the $100,000 wedding took place and dignitaries from all over the world attended. Now what?

Hubby decided to quit his job, move to Montana and become a ski bum. I think he is back in New York now on a pretty short leash.

I don’t know the end to this story yet, but I’m sure Bill and Hillary are none too pleased. I guess the part of the Jewish wedding ceremony where the groom stomps on a glass wrapped in a napkin, didn’t keep things from ‘falling apart’. Mazeltov!