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Such a cute book

Jeri Lynch has written a very cute book. I got it in the mail today, autographed and all. It looks like a little suitcase. I ordered it from Amazon but you can also get it from The Packing Queen.

I couldn’t wait to sit down and read it cover to cover. I must say it isn’t a very long book, so I was able to do that this afternoon. She has lots of good ideas. I will have to see if I can work this into my next trip.

Luckily I am not planning on going anywhere till the week before Halloween. I am going to Las Vegas and staying in a hotel. Then on to San Francisco, where I will be staying with my daughter, her husband and my grandchildren.

I figure if I start practicing now, I should be able to have this down pat in six months. I wonder why they didn’t teach packing in college. All the time I spent learning shorthand, could have been better spent learning how to pack.

Of course shorthand was important for girls to know in the 50’s. Typing and shorthand were both essential to be a secretary. (Secretaries, teachers and nurses were just about the only jobs for women). The only thing I remember about shorthand is how to write ‘Dear Sir’.

If I can pack like Jeri Lynch does and only take a carryon, a tote and my purse, that will be a miracle. I usually take a carryon and two large suitcases, a bulging tote and a purse.

She also cautioned that it is a good idea if your purse fits into your tote, as some airlines are very strict about the two item rule. The main problem for me is that I travel with a special pillow for my back and a curved Back Joy to sit on.

How to fit all this and my purse into a tote bag will be a real puzzle. Not to mention my book and possibly my knitting. (Plus gifts for the grandchildren).

Her ‘secret’ is packing cubes, which amazingly are sold in Honolulu at Bag and Baggage. You put the various components of your wardrobe into each of three cubes, then tuck in two pairs of shoes and your makeup and Voila.

We shall see. I think if I pack all black, with maybe two or three scarves for color that might work. Also, I have a travel vest. I bought this online and my boyfriend thinks I look like a terrorist wearing it,

It is black nylon with about twenty mesh lined pockets and a zipper up the front. Loaded, it is pretty heavy. But it is great as there is a separate pocket for cellphone, wallet, keys, pen, medications, earphones and even a map, which goes across your back.

I don’t carry explosives, but it sort of gives that effect. I never wear it as I am checking in, but it is nice to wear on the plane, as you can reach all your essentials without having to bend over and try to dig things out of your bag, which is under the seat in front of you.

I just whip it off and put it on the conveyer belt as I am checking through. Also I have learned to wear slip on shoes so I can just step out of these easily. And of course socks, ’cause who wants to stand barefoot on top of all those germs.

Speaking of germs, Jeri has a great idea for that problem. Just before boarding the plane, put some triple antibiotic ointment on a q tip and put that in your nose, so you don’t breathe in all those awful germs in the airplane air.

My concern has always been the super dry air on an airplane and so I always put tons of moisturizer on my face and lots of hand cream on my hands all during the flight.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to look through my closet and drawers and see if I can figure out how to condense my vacation wardrobe to a dozen pieces, including accessories and shoes. Of course my traveling outfit can have lots of layers including a fur coat.

 The only problem I can see, is that in October it is usually around 80 degrees in Honolulu. Lets just pray for a nice cool day in Hawaii on October 24. Think snow.