I am a member of Netflix. So when I recently ordered a DVD, there popped up on my screen a recommendation ‘just for Sandra’. Cloud 9, the story of a 60 year old woman having an adulterous affair with a much older man, and then she tells her husband about this.

Well this sounded like a fun movie and it was available on instant streaming direct to my Apple TV, so I turned it on. For the first five minutes there was no dialogue.

It started with a very unattractive plain looking woman with oily hair sewing on a sewing machine. She then picked up her work, took a bus and got to an apartment building. After walking up three flights of stairs she knocked on the door.

A white haired man answered the door and then were the first words of the movie, “I just happened to be in the neighborhood”. Uh oh, this is in German. Subtitles, sure, but I wasn’t expecting a German film. By now I wanted to see what came next so I kept watching.

It seems that Karl had brought his trousers to Inge to be altered and while she didn’t usually do deliveries, in this case she did. The two started smiling and flirting a little and wound up eye to eye in a very deep kiss. From here things progressed to the bed and a wild tumultuous afternoon.

When Karl got up to go to the bathroom, Inge realized what she had done, freaked out, got dressed and left. When Karl came out of the bathroom totally nude, he was surprised to see that she was gone.

Now for a full frontal nude shot of Karl, the 76 year old lover. He was very average in every way, but his muscle tone was excellent. He looked very sad that this ‘beautiful’ woman had left. As she had to weigh at least 185, had bad hair, and an apple face, I question his eyesight. (He didn’t wear glasses and he was 76)

Even though Inge vowed that this would never happen again, that is not what happened. Despite the fact that she had been married for thirty years, she continued to carry on this affair for many weeks.

Her husband Werner was nice enough, though rather dull. His big passion was railroad trains. He liked to read about them, watch them on TV and for a real thrill, take an actual train ride.

Karl, on the other hand, liked to ride a bicycle and swim nude in the pond with Inge. After their swim they would like naked on the marshy grass. This was evidently a lot more fun than a train ride to nowhere.

One day, Inge couldn’t stand keeping the secret any longer, so she shared her story with her grown daughter. Daughter was happy for Momma, but told her not to tell Werner as it would destroy him.

A week or so later, Inge couldn’t handle her ‘double life’ and told Werner. He went bananas, “Are you crazy” “At your age?” “You are nuts”. and on and on.

All Inge could say is “I’m Sorry” “It just happened”

I don’t want to tell you the rest of the story, as you might want to see this movie for yourself and I don’t want to spoil the ending.