Easter is ‘late’ this year. Not till April 24th. Passover starts the 19th. So you have plenty of time to get those egg dying plans in order.

Oh, my God. I got this in the email today from Skip to My Lou. It is amazing. Just click on whatever style you like and a beautiful color tutorial will pop up.

If you have a access to a real live goose, and five hours of time to do one egg, you may want to try the Ukranian egg. Very beautiful.

Some are very complicated. My favorite is the onion skin dyed eggs. These are done with brown eggs, red onion skins and a little olive oil to ‘polish’ the eggs when they are done. These are very nice looking for Passover also.

You will need a dozen brown eggs and twelve red onions. I will have to see about that. What can I do with the twelve red onions that are left after peeling off the skins/olive oil?

I do make a very good cold tomato/onion/basil/balsamic vinegar sauce to serve over hot pasta, but I usually use two onions and about six tomatoes. And lots of fresh ground pepper.

To make this cold sauce for hot pasta, first peel and deseed the tomatoes. Easy way to do this is to boil some water, dunk tomato on a cooking fork till skin pops, peel off skin, cut in half and squeeze out seeds. The skin and seeds are bitter. (If you prefer you can hold tomatoes over a gas flame till a little charred and then peel).

Chop tomatoes and onions in large chunks. Chop up a head of fresh basil. For the vinagrette, use olive oil/balsamic vinegar/black pepper and mix with veggies. Chill all day or overnight in a glass bowl. Serve over hot linguine.

Let’s see, ten more onions. One sliced up would be good sauteed and then make scrambled eggs all mixed in. I could make a quiche, which is chopped onions/swiss cheese and eggs.

I always like a sandwich of a bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese and a big fat slice of red onion.

Oh, I make a good cranberry sauce with chopped onion, garlic and fresh cranberries and sugar. Red onion would be perfect for that. This is called the New Cranberry Sauce. Or you could just mix a can of Ocean Spray/ a cup of Craisins, onions and garlic for the same effect. (You cook this in a saucepan till it is thick and bubbly)

OK. So we have a couple left. I guess I could just chop them up in the Cuisinart and freeze a baggie full to keep in the freezer for when I need some chopped red onion.

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