Today I am turning this blog into a book. Well not just today, but today is the deadline for my 20% discount if I order two books, and since the title is Money Saving Secrets of a Hawaiian Jewish Princess, I thought I should take advantage of this sale.

I am using a company called Blurb Booksmart. It is the greatest site. First of all, if you want to make a book out of a blog, you just press a couple of buttons and Voila.

However when I did this a box popped up and said that if I transposed all my blogs for the past six months, my book would be 874 pages long and they had a maximum of 440 pages. What to do?

I went through the list of titles and only selected every other one. Then I went through these and eliminated some more. So sad.

But I did keep the best ones and I am happy with my choices.

So now I was down to 240 pages. But wait, the print was so small I could barely read it without a magnifying glass. So back to the drawing boards and page by page had to increase the font from 9 to 14. By doing this, my page count went up to 280.

Now, none of my slideshows would work, so I had to import photos one by one in the correct spaces. Now my book was 290 pages.

That is OK, but I am still not done editing it, and I have another fifty pages to go before midnight. It is now eight pm and I am going to have to cut this short and get back to my book editing.

I’ll end this for tonight and get back to this post when I have finally finished my masterpiece.