Lamb Shank, ready in three minutes

I know it sounds hard to believe, but true. These lamb shanks are precooked and vacuum sealed. They are sold at Costco. (where else?). You have your choice of heating them in the microwave for three minutes, or going all out and putting them in a shallow baking dish in the conventional oven for twenty five minutes.

I chose the latter, as it looks better with the carrots and potatoes around it. I cooked those earlier in the oven. First peel some potatoes and carrots. Cut in chunks. Cut an onion in chunks without the skin. Sprinkle some garlic cloves around, salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for an hour at 425.

Then I roasted the lamb and added the cooked vegetables. Very tender and delicious.

The name of the company that makes these is Cuisine Solutions. I am tempted to try some other of their solutions. The stats are printed on the carton, and while not especially healthy (with fat and all), I doubt that any lamb is recommended for a low cholesterol diet.

Here in Hawaii it is hard to find lamb. Some places carry lamb chops, some have rack of lamb, but to actually find a leg of lamb with the bone in is nearly impossible.

Costco carries a boneless leg of lamb but it is quite large, while the lamb shanks are perfect for two. There are two shanks in a package and each one looks like a mini leg of lamb. These are prepared with an aromatic rosemary/mint sauce and are very juicy.

I think lamb should be served with mint jelly, but that is another hard to find item here in Hawaii. Maybe a gourmet store like Whole Foods would carry it, or an upscale market. I used to like the English mint sauce that is more liquid and made with vinegar. I forget who makes it. Maybe Cross and Blackwell. It comes in a bottle sort of like A1 steak sauce.

I remember making a leg of lamb and having nice leftovers. These made a good hot lamb sandwich or cut up chunks for lamb curry. There are no leftovers with the lamb shanks.

So if you are in the mood for lamb and want a fuss free dinner, head to Costco, not in their meat department, but in the refrigerated section near the hams and the cheese.

By the way, this was falling off the bone tender and our French poodle loved the bones.