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Various steps you need to take to make a silhouette (photo four really belongs right after photo one)

I read in the paper about a way to make a silhouette using modern methods. I always thought these were neat. The first time I ever had a silhouette done was at Disneyland about thirty years ago.

At that time you sat sideways in front of a white curtain with a bright light behind it. Then an artist would cut out your image on black paper, mount it on a white background and you could buy it right then and there.

This is something you can do yourself. First take a profile photo of yourself or whoever you want a silhouette of. I did mine with my computer camera. But you could use any camera and just have your subject in profile.

Then print out the photo on regular paper. I first forwarded the photo to iPhoto, cropped out all the excess and printed it to be 5 x 7.

Cut out the outline, getting as much detail as you possibly can. Then lay this form on top of some thicker card stock or colored paper of your choice. You can experiment with different colors.

Cut out around your original outline and if you prefer to have the face looking the ‘other’ way, just turn it over. Mount it on another sheet of paper. You can use rubber cement as adhesive.

Experiment with color. The traditional silhouette was always black on a white background. Nothing says that has to be so. You can make the image pink and the background orange. Or try two shades of blue. Or tan and brown. Or white on grey.

I think you get the idea. If you did your whole family, including pets, you could make quite a wall display. Or you could just do one as a greeting card.

They are fun to do. All you need is a computer, printer, some card stock and a very sharp scissors. By the way, if you don’t care for the shape of your hair, or your chin, you can alter it with a little snip.