What is it about a birthday? It is a good way to measure a year. That’s it. Time to get organized. Finally.

I have good intentions, but I have so much stuff, I just can’t seem to get it all organized. Today is the day.

I have three large cupboards under my  bathroom counter and I know the space could be better utilized. Everything is on the bottom. To get to my vitamins, I have to take everything out and dig around.

So today I carefully measured the space and then made a trip to Walmart. There in the home storage department, they have two aisles of plastic storage containers. One side is open bins of all sizes and the other side, drawers of all sizes. I filled my shopping cart with four large and four medium drawers. Then I added four small open bins.

That is all that would fit in my shopping cart. As it was I had to make two trips upstairs to get it all in the house. Tomorrow will be The Day.

I can’t wait. I think it will be magic, to be able to get to something without having to move everything else. I figure once I get the storage drawers and bins in place, I can see what space is left over and go get a few more to fill in.

Of course you have to have a large trash container handy to throw out all the stuff you will never use in a million years. Also, tangled extension cords and such will have to be arranged. I have in mind how to do this, but I think the only right way is to take everything out of each cupboard and start from scratch.

That will be a big mess, but I am prepared to tackle this tomorrow and start my new year on the right foot.

I have to be home all day tomorrow anyway, as I am having a new dishwasher installed. The plumber is coming between nine and noon and the dishwasher installers are coming between one and four.

So there is a whole day of waiting around. I figure it I devote the morning to one cupboard and the afternoon to the other two, I will be all set.

I probably should have waited for a plastic’s sale, but I wanted to do it Now. On the mainland there are organizer stores the size of Target, and all they have are storage solutions.

There is one here in Hawaii, but it is in Kapolei, a new residential/business area about twenty miles from my house. So Walmart will have to do.

Did you know that Walmart is open twenty four hours a day? So if you get the urge to redo your cupboards, and it happens to be two o’clock in the morning, they will greet you with open arms.