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Judgement for the State (surprise, surprise)

On February 4, 2011 I got a traffic citation for blocking an intersection. I was on my way to the Punahou carnival and traffic was gridlocked on Punahou Street. I contested the ticket, not really thinking that I would ‘win’.

But what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So when a month went by and no response from the court, I started to wonder if they were ‘backed up’ or what.

Today, March 9, I got a reply. Not good. But better than it was. The citation stands. Judgement for the state.  When  you add up the Fine @$25, Administrative Fee @$40 and the Driver Education Assmt Fee @$7, that comes to $72. (yes, that is how asessment is spelled on the notice)

The original citation was for $97, so I figure I ‘saved’ $25. This involved a letter stating my case and $5 in postage for a certified return receipt letter to the Traffic Violations Bureau.

Originally I was to send in the $97 within 21 days, but now I have another 30 days from the date of the judgement, March 8. So I get an extension of time to pay this fine.

Also, the court accepts Visa and Mastercard, so I can get some Hawaiian Air Miles out of the deal.

I wonder if anyone ever ‘wins’ their case. I doubt it. In my case, the officer who cited me wrote on my ticket that the car was occupied by two males. I guess this doesn’t count as an error on the part of the HPD.

When I watch TV courtroom dramas, if evidence wasn’t collected in the proper manner, the case is thrown out. This doesn’t seem to be the case where the officer wrongly wrote the sex of the two passengers.

So, if you happen to get a traffic citation, take the time to write a letter stating the mitigating circumstances and you too could save a few bucks, or if you are lucky, get the whole shebang dismissed.

So for you dear Readers, who have been following this saga with baited breath, this is the final result. Boo Hoo. Or as Melanie Griffith would say, “Boo F—— Hoo.