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What I got instead

Yesterday I wrote a blog about exchanging an unwanted gift. My sister had given me a purse for my birthday and I exchanged it for a different one. I came home and emailed a photo of it to my boyfriend.

He never responded, so today when we spoke I asked him how he liked the purse. His answer “Do you want me to be honest?”. (No, I want you to lie).

“That is hideous. It looks like something an old woman would wear in a retirement home in Florida”.

Well, I guess it has to go back. I was planning on wearing it when he took me out for my birthday dinner. His suggestion: “You have a million purses, why don’t you get something else?”

So I decided that was a great idea. Back to Macy’s for another return. Then to the shoe department which I remembered was having a big sale.

On the clearance racks were shoes marked down 75% and an additional 15% as it was before 1 pm. Most had four inch high heels and would be impossible to wear, even sitting down.

Then I spied a great pair of no lace up Keds in glittery silver. Just my cup of tea. Plus I have the sweat pants and hoodie to match.$55 reduced 75% and then another 15% came to $12.24 with tax.

Time to look for another pair. Nothing else on the clearance rack so I started browsing around. I found a great pair of red suede slip on, open toed Mary Janes. These will look great with jeans. $49.99.

So now I had $7.75 left on my gift card. Knowing me, if I didn’t spend it now, I would misplace the card. So I went to the costume jewelry department, as they always have cute things for around that price. Wow! 50% off and an extra 50% off before 1 pm.

There on the counter was one only, the cutest thing I have ever seen. A leg lamp miniature by Monet. I have always wanted a real one and here was the perfect one for my doll house. Regularly $25, reduced to $12.50, and now only $6.25. Perfect.

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All my goodies and 71 cents left over