There is a new bargain site that I really like. Living Social is a website sort of like Groupon. Both of these have daily deals on everything from restaurants, massages and even parasailing.

I look forward each morning to seeing what the deal of the day will be. Groupon and Living Social both have specials in lots of major cities. All you have to do is click on their site and ask to subscribe and every day they will email you some nifty stuff.

You can click on Buy, or just delete. It’s up to you. It is a good way to try something different or just get a good buy on some merchandise from a store you already frequent.

For example, in the past few months I have gotten $50 worth of merchandise at The Gap for $25. Also the same deal at Nordstrom Rack. Last week Barnes and Noble had a $10 Groupon good for $20 worth of books and games.

Sometimes it is a massage for $30 or $40. Sometimes a facial or manicure. Whatever it may be, it is fun to get a bargain on something you would probably buy anyway.

I bought a nice package from a dentist who is in the same building as the dentist I have been going to for years. This ‘deal’ is for a cleaning, x-rays and exam for only $39, regularly $225.

Next time I am due for a teeth cleaning I will use this. Who knows, I may like their dental hygienist better than the one I have been going to, and if not, I’ll just go back to my regular person the next time.

When I travel, I check on specials in other cities for about a month before I get there. Most of these coupons are good for a year, but a few expire in a couple of months.

Living Social has the easiest ‘Buy’ system I have ever seen. Once you have purchased something using a credit card, you can make any additional purchases with one click of the mouse. Then the following day, you just print out your coupon and Voila, you are all set.

Both Living Social and Groupon have free apps for your phone so you can access your account. You don’t even have to print out a coupon for what you have ordered. It will appear on your phone.

I haven’t actually done this yet, as I rather like having a ‘real’ piece of paper in my hand. (Just an old fashioned girl).

I have two in the hopper right now. One is a three treatment body sculpting and the other a full set of ‘Solar Nails’ for only $20. As I usually spend $50 for a full set of artificial nails, this will be fun to do next month for my birthday.

The nail deal also comes with wine to sip and chocolates to eat while getting my nails done. And the best part is that the shop that is offering this, Aloha Nails, is one block from where I live.

The body sculpting treatments are three sessions, one week apart. Sort of an ultrasound method. I have this scheduled for the three weeks before my birthday, so I should be able to fit into my skinny jeans by then.

The last time I had this sort of thing done was in Mexico. I must say it was terrific and have never seen it offered in this country. They did not use ultrasound. More of a deep massage with grapefruit cream.

I am a sucker for beauty treatments. I think it is fun to try new things. What the heck? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I always ask myself this before I leap into something new. And do you know what? Nothing bad has ever happened. It’s the same with worrying about something. Why bother? Most of the things you worry about never happen anyway. That’s my motto. Enjoy!