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The one with the larger lady walking her dog is my copy (in case you couldn’t tell)

Last week I went to the art show at the Punahou carnival. I really liked one of the little oil paintings. It was only an 8 x 10 but it got to me. Title: Chinatown.

This reminds me so much of the heart of Chinatown, Maunakea Street with the lei sellers. And fond memories of when I was growing up in Honolulu.

I used to go to Chinatown to buy fabric. I remember in the 50’s you could get three yards for $1. I loved to sew a skirt every weekend so I would have a new one every Monday.

I decided that it was a pretty simple painting and maybe I could copy it. So I went to Ben Franklin and bought a 9 x 12 canvas for $9.95 and 25 assorted paintbrushes for only $9.95, less my Ben Franklin craft club discount of 10%. I already had a set of acrylic paints and an easel.

It took me a little over an hour and it came out pretty good, considering I used acrylics and the original was an oil painting. Also, it was a very basic set of colors, red, blue, yellow, green, black and white. Luckily those were mostly the colors in the original.

I got a 9 x 12 canvas as I thought it would be easier to make it slightly larger. What I didn’t realize is that  9 x 12 is not a stock size for frames and to get a frame to fit, I will have to have one custom made. I think I will wait for a frame sale at Ben Franklin. I sort of hate to spend $40 for a frame on a $10 painting.

In the meantime, I have it on the easel and it looks ok. I have it in my entry hall so everyone coming to my house will get to see it. Or should I say’ have to see it’?

Now I am inspired. I have tons of paint and now I have every size paint brush. I also have some nifty palette knives. Mine are plastic and the real ones are metal, but they work just fine. I don’t have a palette, I just use a glass plate.

I think I’ll get a couple more canvases and try doing one or two paintings from scratch. Who knows, maybe I’ll be another Mother Whistler? Or is it Whistler’s Mother?

If you look at the slideshow above you will see my painting in various stages. Got the roof line wrong at first. One good thing about paint is that if you make a boo boo, you can just paint over it.

Also some of the photos were taken with my Canon Sureshot fabulous camera and some were taken with my iPhone. I hate to say it, but the best ones were taken with my iPhone.

This is the final final version of my painting. I redid the lady walking the dog and also redid my signature, as it was too near the edge. When I frame it, the frame would go over half my name. That would never do. What if I become famous?