Fun Super Bowl Betting Game-Sort of crooked, but you get the idea. Probably better if you used a ruler.

I love the Super Bowl. It is such fun to watch not only the game, but all the greatest commercials. And of course Super Bowl food.

I always use the Super Bowl as a good excuse to make a lot of goodies. Chex mix of course. No game would be complete without the special flavor of that.

And good sour dough bread for sandwiches. Oscar Myer has some nice thinly sliced turkey breast, ham and roast beef. That and some cheese and you are all set.

I always make a pot of chili, even though I’m the only one who eats it. I love it over white rice with fresh grated cheese and onions on top. To make it really good, melt a glob of butter on top of the hot chili before you sprinkle on the cheese.

Desserts of course. I make brownies, as these are an old standby and this year, lemon squares. I always love these in the bakery and I just found out how easy they are to bake. Well, not exactly easy, as you have to make the dough for the crust, bake that and then whisk the eggs, sugar, flour, lemon juice and pour that on and bake that.

Oh, I forgot, you have to squeeze four or five fresh lemons and scrape off some zest from the skin. Luckily I had bought a big bag of lemons at Costco. In fact I got so inspired, I squeezed another six and made homemade lemonade.

The trick to perfect lemonade is this. One cup sugar disolved in one cup water on stove to make a ‘simple syrup’. Add one cup fresh squeezed lemon juice. Pour into glass pitcher or big jar and add three or four cups of plain water. Chill. Serve over ice. If it is too sweet, add some more lemon juice. Garnish with lemon slices.

The biggest problem with the lemon squares, is that the cookbook this recipe is in (Afternoon Delights) has print size is so tiny, I had to read the entire recipe with a magnifying glass. Not only that, the color of the ink is grey, rather than black.

(If you decide to make this recipe, half the amount is plenty. Otherwise you will need a cup of butter and six eggs for starters). Plus who has a 9″ x 13″ pan?

Again, I will probably be the only one eating these wonderful lemon squares dusted with powdered sugar, of course. My boyfriend tries not to eat cholesterol and my sister doesn’t like lemon. I love lemon and I take cholesterol medication, so I’ll take two on Superbowl Sunday.

Now back to the game. I really hope the Packers win, but the way we bet, it really doesn’t matter who wins. We bet on the score.

Here is how you play this game. Draw a big square on lined paper. Draw lines down to make 100 squares. If you have a big group of people, you can charge $1 per square (or less), and let each person put their initials in as many squares as they like. Ten squares/$10. Then draw numbers one to ten and put randomly across the top and one side.

Put the name Packers on the top and Steelers on the side. Then match up the score at the end of each quarter and the final, for a total of four winners. First, half and third quarter winners each get 20% of the pot and the final winner gets 40%.

Whoever’s name is in the intersecting square, wins. Just go down and across to get the winning score. It is fun as the winners keep changing and you always have someone screaming for a field goal.

We play this game with two players. We each take half the board, and play for $1 per quarter. The most you can lose is $4. Of course that’s the most you can win also.

Usually it’s a wash and nobody owes anything. But sometimes we play for ‘out to dinner’ for the actual winner of the game. This year I’m taking the Packers and hopefully I’ll win $4 too.

Twenty years ago I worked for a very high rolling company. We played this game and it cost $5 per square. There was a $500 pot so it was pretty exciting. I won the final and got $200. That was really thrilling.

But the best sports bet ever, was when I bet a longshot on the Kentucky Derby. I was living in Las Vegas, went to my favorite sports book and placed $20 on a 50 to one shot. By post time the odds had increased to 70 to one, as nobody was betting on this horse.

When my horse came in first, and I went to collect my $1400, I was just sorry I hadn’t bet $100.