Seems like old times…

It’s only been two days and it seems like I’ve always had this. It is part of me and the novelty is beginning to wear off.

Today I got dressed, making sure the tattoo would ‘show’. I went shopping. First to my favorite Thrift shop where nobody batted an eye. Then to Costco, which was so crowded, it being Saturday, that everyone was just watching where they were going.

I totally forgot about it even being there. I too, was concerned about not smashing my cart into someone else. When I got home, looked in the mirror, I then realized that my tattoo really was ‘showing’.

I am supposed to wash and rinse it a few times a day and put lotion on it, but it seems totally fine, not sore, not red, just like regular skin.

If any of you readers out there have been thinking of getting a tattoo, I would be the first one to say, “Go for it”. But I would also say, be sure you go to a reputable shop and do some research on the artist to make sure.

I even watched the first couple of episodes of Inked. This is a reality TV show about the now famous Hart and Huntington tattoo parlor in the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. This is a very swanky salon that caters to celebrities and sports stars.

There are six receptionists, very jazzy chairs, and world famous tattoo artists. There is a branch of this shop in Waikiki and I will have to go have a look at it, now that I am a tattooed person.

The place I went to wasn’t like that at all. It was very casual. There were two unmatched couches in the waiting room and no particular receptionist. The girl at the counter was one of the artists who wasn’t busy.

There was one large room with five ‘stations’. Each tattoo artist was wearing something different. No uniformity. At the one in Vegas, all the artists wear the same black tee shirt with the company logo. They also sell their clothing line in the shop.

808 Tattoo had three tee shirts for sale. One white, one black and one yellow. Not really something I would be dying to wear. And for $25 I decided to pass on the fashion statement.

For those of you readers not from Hawaii, 808 is the area code here for the phone numbers. What I can’t get over is how mainstream tattooing has become. I am from a generation that did not get tattoos. Only sailors and carnival people. Certainly not girls.

This will be the last comment from me about tattoos. I did it, I’m glad. It looks terrific. End of story.