Double picture frame headboard, jewlery roll spread/bolster and sweater rug and throw

Yesterday I told you I would teach you how to make a four poster or canopy bed for your dollhouse, so here you are. My ‘master’ bedroom ceiling is too low for a four poster/canopy bed as my ceiling slopes to the back. But you can get the idea of how to do the headboard, bedspread etc.

To make a four poster bed, first find four posts around your house. Four pencils would be fine. Or if you have a dozen, glue three together for an interesting post. Pencils come in lots of patterns. If you use good looking pencils, you can skip the painting part. Check out the tourist souvenir section of a drug store or an ABC store. (If you have a dowel, great.) Saw these to the correct height. One inch is one foot. So if you want your posts to be six feet tall, then six inches.

Or take a 5 x 7 wooden picture frame apart and saw off the pointy ends. This way you could have a nice wooden finish to your posts. Plus usually there is a ridge around the edge and some gold trim. Check out the Salvation Army for great picture frames for a dollar or two.

If you don’t have any of the above and if you don’t have a saw, you could use plastic drinking straws. Just glue three or four together and cut with a scissors to the right length. You may want the headboard posts five or six inches tall and the footboard ones, three inches. You could even use glue sticks. These are about the right size and easy to cut to length.

Glue a round bead or marble on top for the trim. Look in your broken necklace department for beads, or buy some wooden beads at the craft store.

Paint these any color you like or you can cut out designs from a magazine or catalog and glue these on your posts. Nail polish comes in many colors and the enamel is a nice finish. I like black nail polish. Use gold or silver leaf for accents if you want a more elegant look.

If you are making a bed for a child’s room, you could use crayolas for the posts. These should be new, never used, but they are already finished nicely, and you have lots of color choices. For a girls bed, pinks/reds, and for a boy’s blues. If it is a teenage room, browns and golds.

If you need to cut the crayolas down for the foot of the bed, use a razor blade to get a clean edge. Then just use your trusty glue gun to atatch to the bed corners.

Find a box that is bed size. (Like a jewelry box). Make a mattress out of some foam, cut to the size of your box. (If you don’t have any foam, just wrap some soft fabric around a piece of cardboard.)  If you are a real purist, you can cover the foam with some blue/white striped mattress ticking. An old pillow can be cut up for this. Just wrap like a gift and tape the bottom with masking tape.

If you want pillows on your bed, you can cut these out of foam, or use some cotton squares from your makeup department. Cover your pillows with a single sheet of two ply toilet paper. Wrap and tape like mattress. Scotch tape is better for the pillows.

For a headboard, look around your house. A pretty picture frame is good. Where the photo goes, insert a piece of fabric from the bedspread material. Anything can be a bedspread. I used the quilted fabric from a cut up jewelry roll. Try to keep the edges intact. I used the ring holder roll for the bolster.

Before you put the bedspread on the bed, glue some lace around the box as it is nice to have a dust ruffle peeking out from the bedspread. Or if you would rather have a quilt on the bed, then the ruffle will show more.

Then when the bed looks right, just hot glue the four posts to the corners. If you want your bed to have a canopy, cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bed. Cover it with some pretty fabric and lace.

For long curtains of fabric in each corner, drape a long piece of sheer fabric over the canopy top. Slit it so you can pull the fabric to the corners. Then with a pretty narrow ribbon just tie the curtains to each post.

If you want decorative throw pillows on the bed, these can be any fabric wrapped around a ball of cotton. A dot of  hot glue should finish the back. I like to use fabric that is like tapestry or embroidered with a pattern.

Some people actually do miniature needlepoint on a little pillow. I tried this, using embroidery floss for the yarn, but it is very hard to get the scale right. I cut out a couple of needlepoint pillow photos from a catalog and glued them on some little pillows and they look ok.

So, if you have a dollhouse, never say, ‘It is done’. Even if you haven’t worked on it in a while, something will draw you back and you will get an idea to add or change something, just like you do with your ‘real’ house.