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Dollhouse kit, monopoly game and tiny hammer

It’s been a while since I posted a blog about my dollhouse. What makes a dollhouse a work in progress, is constantly adding little accessories to make each room more realistic.

Some things you have to purchase, like the little hammer. Other items you can make yourself and it is very rewarding to see the fruits of your labor.

Today I got an email from my favorite dollhouse supply store. With a $49 purchase you could get a FREE miniature box of a dollhouse kit. No kit, just a mini box to put in your doll house. The wheels started turning in my head.

I took the little photo, dragged it to iPhoto and printed it out on photo paper in the 2 x 3 inch  size. Cut out a little larger than image so you have some edges to fold over for the box. I made a box bottom out of a slightly smaller piece of cardboard wrapped in masking tape. Fold edges of photo and Voila, it looks perfect.

I have three miniature dollhouses in my dollhouse, so this looks great just leaning against the little table.

The monopoly game is done the same way. You could do boxes of jig saw puzzles, games, and playing cards. All these little items add authenticity to your miniature display.

The hammer was an item I ordered from the dollhouse supply store. I could have probably made one out of the metal end of a pillsbury dough tube and some red nail polish, but I figured for $1.50 I wouldn’t bother.

I made a little wedge of swiss cheese out of a piece of fimo and painted it with flat pale yellow paint. The holes were easy. Just use the pointed end of an orange stick or a make up brush.

Speaking of make up brushes. If you have some old make up brushes, the kind that come in the little eyeshadow samples, these make great little mops and brooms and fireplace tools.

If you have an urge for something fancy like a four poster bed, you have two choices. You can look online for a miniature shop, find just the perfect one and spend $200 and they will send it to you and even pay for the shipping. Or, you can make it yourself for nothing.

Tomorrow I will tell you how to make a four poster bed for your doll house, or if you prefer, a canopy bed.