Me being silly, just back from mani/pedicure

So many people think that you have to always be serious and accomplishing something. I think it is fun to just play and relax. Nothing is carved in stone.

Every two weeks I get my nails and toes ‘done’. This is fun for me and the pedicure part comes with a great foot and leg massage. The shop I go to, Smileynails is a very pleasant place. In the six years I have been going there, none of the girls have left.

It is like one big happy Vietnamese family. The pedicure chairs are big black recliners that massage your back while your feet are being worked on. There is a huge flat screen TV on the wall, if you want to watch what is playing.

I have never had to wait one minute for service and all the people there are excellent, so I don’t really care who does my nails.

There are two big racks of nail polish and the first step is to choose your color. I brought my own, as I wanted to try the lavender.

As I sat down, a mother and child came in. The little girl was around four and her mother picked her up to choose her polish. She carefully looked over all the colors and then selected a purple with glitter. Her mother handed it to her and she handed it to the manicurist.

I was thinking how nice it was that the mother didn’t try to sway her daughter from her choice. My mother would have ‘suggested’ I go with pale pink. Of course my mother would never have let me out of the house in flowered shorts, a grey fleece hoodie and pink and white sneakers.

And I don’t recall going to a beauty salon for a manicure until I was nineteen, the day before I got married. But in those days, there were all sorts of should’s and shouldn’t’s. Those were the fifties, way before cell phones, the internet or cable TV.

Women were all stay at home moms. That is what we were. And there were ‘rules’ about dress and behavior that everyone took for granted.

Now when you are over sixty or retired, who is to say that bedtime has to be such and such. Or that mealtime has to be such and such. Or that it is ok or not ok to have apple pie for breakfast. After all, apple is a fruit.

The other day I had cherry cheesecake for breakfast. Now there is a well balanced meal. First of all you have the cherries, which are the fruit. Then the eggs and cream cheese are the protein and the fat. And then the crust for the bread part.

Now if I could just figure out how I could justify a few pieces of See’s candy as being a healthy substitute for lunch.