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What is this world coming to? I just love the new technology. So imagine my delight when I got an Apple TV for Christmas.

No, it is not a TV. It is a little black box that you plug into your TV via a HDMI cable. What it does is to allow streaming of movies and TV shows from your computer.

There are also about fifty radio stations with various types of music, so if you want Reggae or Reggae light, you are all set.  There are ways to access this all through your iPhone, but I haven’t done that yet. I am still using the remote that came with the ATV.

If you subscribe to Netflix and are used to receiving DVD’s in the mail, watching them on your DVD player, putting them back in the envelope and mailing them back; you no longer have to do this. And if it is a weekend or a holiday, you can still enjoy your entertainment, as there is no mailing involved.

This actually saves money and time. The Netflix plan I had was $17 a month and is now going to be $20 a month. The streaming plan is only $7.99 a month and you can watch all the shows you want, no limit. If you still want to be able to get DVD’s one at a time, there is a $9.99 plan, which is the one I got.

I chose the $9.99 plan because not every DVD in the world is available on streaming and if there is something I want, I want it now.

This is pretty simple to operate, once you get it set up. If you have a problem, reading the how to install manual is not a bad idea. (When all else fails, read the instructions).

Most TV’s come with two HDMI cable outlets. One goes to your cable box and the other to your DVD player. If you add an Apple TV,  you are going to be one outlet short. There are two choices. You can switch the cable back and forth between your ATV and your DVD player each time you want to watch one or the other.

Or, if you are not the sort of person who would want to go to all that trouble, like me, then here is your other choice. You can buy a ‘splitter’. This is a magic box that you can plug your one cable from the TV into and then plug your other devices into the other side. Voila, you can just switch back and forth with the remote that comes with this.

There is one little problem. The remote control for this device is about one inch by two inches and is black. If you watch TV in bed, it is very hard to find the remote if you should lay it down. I am trying to figure out a glow in the dark cord or holder of some sort.

Also the remote that comes with the Apple TV is quite small. But it is silver, which makes it slightly easier to find in the bedcovers. I think I will get a small cosmetic bag in a bright color, and put both remotes in this.

I just found the perfect one. A red leather case in the shape of lips. Easy to spot.

Unfortunately you are going to have to buy two more HDMI cables and of course the ‘splitter’. I found the box for the multiple devices at Radio Shack for $40 (on sale from $50) and the least expensive cables are the six foot ones @ $14.99 each.

If you figure the Apple TV costs $99 and the splitter and cables, another $99, that is about $200. The savings on Netflix is $10 a month. So in twenty months, it is a wash. After that, you are ahead of the game.

So, if I live until September of 2012, I will start saving $10 a month. Gee, by the time I am 75 years old, I will have saved $70.

The minute I got this, I had to set it up. Then I found that I needed another HDMI cable and nothing was open, as it was Christmas Day. I actually had to wait until December 26, (which is a great day to go to an electronics store). Ha ha.

I am a very impatient person and I am not good at delayed gratification, saving for a rainy day or any of that. If I get a gift certificate or a prepaid Visa card, I must redeem it immediately. I once made a needlepoint pillow that said, ‘Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first’.

My attitude has always been Carpe Diem. Live for today. Who knows?

And just think of all those poor women on the Titanic who skipped dessert.