Love Las Vegas Shirt   Photograph by Peter Mallett The Passing Moment

After a wonderful five days in Las Vegas, it was time to head home. As I was taking a Vacations Hawaii package, my luggage was picked up from room at seven a.m. My flight was not leaving till eleven and I didn’t have to be outside to pick up the transportation to the airport until 8:45.

So, time for breakfast and another hour of gambling. The great thing about Las Vegas is you can eat anything at any time. There are no clocks in the casinos. When I lived there we used to joke that you could get Chinese food at two o’clock in the morning. But we never did.

Looking over the menu for breakfast, I couldn’t decide between the omelette or the oatmeal, so I settled on Prime rib and a baked potato. Why not? I’ll probably never have this chance again. Or at least not till I come back to Vegas.

Looking outside, it looked grey and cold, so I put on my coat, hat and gloves and pushed open the doors. Wow! It was snowing.

That means it had to be 32 degrees. Gee, in seven hours, I would be home and it would be fifty degrees warmer.

The bus was nice and toasty. So was the airport. So was the airplane. But now I was wearing wool slacks, a cashmere sweater and a fur coat. How does one dress for such extreme temperature changes?

When the Unfasten Seat Belt sign came on, I bolted for the lavatory, took off my sweater, wrapped it around me, tied the arms in back and made a strapless top.( No neck/arms). This under my jacket was much cooler.

Maybe I will design a piece of travel gear that has cleverly placed velcro backed parts that you can just rip off to make a long sleeved turtleneck sweater into a V necked sleeveless one. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Very quick flight. Big tail winds, so we were forty five minutes early. In all my travels, that has never happened before.

I do remember there being porters to help with bags. Not now. NO, there are Smart Carts, but they are not smart enough. You still have to drag your bag off the carousel and put it on the cart. I couldn’t find the brakes on mine and it kept scooting away.

A Smart Cart costs $4. I would so much rather give a porter $5 and not have to deal with this myself. Sometimes I am lucky and a young strong man will help me get my bag from the revolving claim wheel to the cart. No luck today. But at least I had a place to throw my fur coat.

When I finally walked through my front door, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. It was only four in the afternoon, but I fell asleep in one minute and slept until four in the morning.

One would think that with no dinner, I would be thinner today. First stop: The scale. No such luck. Maybe it was the Prime rib and baked potato for breakfast. Guess it is time for the Master Cleanse-Lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This lemonade drink can be mixed up and you can have as much as you want all day long. I usually last from breakfast to dinner.

Another good one after a trip is the potato diet. All you eat is potatoes, no butter or salt. But you can have pepper. This supposedly absorbs all the salts and toxins in your body. It is not quite as boring as the other plan, but I was out of potatoes and I had plenty of lemons.

One diet plan I used to do after a trip was the steak and tomato diet. Just steak and tomatoes three times a day. But I didn’t have any steak or tomatoes and the thought of going to a market was not even on my list of things to do today.

Sure glad I have a great lemon squeezer and a whole bottle of real maple syrup.