Back Joy

Yesterdays blog was about my first day of vacation and travel, but I forgot to write about the Back Joy.

Have you ever heard of a Back Joy? I sit on this in my car and when I fly on an airplane I take always take it along. You sit on it and it tilts your body, so you don’t get an achy back.

Airplane seats are not designed well.They sag and don’t have any lumbar support. This little wonder does the trick. I have been using one for years.

I don’t work for the company, but I wish I had $1 for every one I have ‘sold’. You can order this online. Good for a desk chair, auto, or travel.

OK: Back to Day Two in Las Vegas. Shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. What a place! There are stores I never heard of. I could spend several days here. Too bad I only have two hours.

Besides Neimans, Saks, Macy’s and Bloomingdales, there are several hundred stores on several levels. There are also kiosks everywhere that sell everything from jewelry to aprons.

Most fun store was Forever 21. Biggest branch in the world. Amazing shopping.

Also fell into a great shoe sale and got two pair. Aerosoles is a shoe store we don’t have here in Hawaii. There was a clearance, just my cup of tea. Got some great purple gladiators regularly $69, now $19, less 20%. Can’t beat that. Then a very cute navy velvet low heeled shoe that exactly matches my navy velvet pants/top. (Same price). So $32 for two cute pairs of shoes. It is a rule that you can’t go to Las Vegas and not buy shoes.

Thirty one degrees and so I was expecting it to be even colder at night. So back to the hotel to change for the Elvis show.

Guess what? It got warmer, and here I was dragging my fur coat. Cirque show was at Aria. What a disappointment the hotel was. Big and cold. Reminded me of LAX airport, except with pretty marble floors.

Glad I wore comfortable shoes, as the Elvis showroom was at the end of the world. Our seats were in the second row center, compliments of my daughter. The seats were like couches. Very swanky. The show was terrific.

There was a great Elvis store just outside the theater. Such fun. Lucky I went to the store before the show, because when the show got out, it was a total zoo.

Afterwards the entire audience filed out and left the hotel. I didn’t see one person venture into the casino, which was dark and quiet. Sort of like a church with slot machines.

I actually felt sorry for the hotel, that nobody wanted to stay and play. I am staying at the Orleans, a medium hotel, not on the strip. It is frequented by local people and the casino is always jumping. There is live music, lots of fun places to eat including Fridays and tons of people.

Best of all there are 18 movie theaters right up the escalator from the casino. So when you get tired of gambling or eating, you can see a first run movie, sit in one of their rocking chair seats and never even have to go outside.