Macy’s New Rebate Check

I just got the most unusual rebate check in the mail. It came from Macy’s in the form of a postcard. The ‘check’ is the little pink rectangle at the top.

I guess it’s a good idea, once we all get used to this spartan method. It saves the cost of an envelope, paying someone to cut the check and someone else to put it in the envelope and seal it, and the postage is cheaper too.

Plus probably quite a few people who get these rebates won’t even know what this is and throw it out and never cash it.

Not me, anytime someone sends me money in the mail, I cash it right away. I always like to buy something special with my rebate money. Something I wouldn’t have just gotten anyway.

It’s no fun just dribbling it away at the market or drugstore. I know exactly what I am going to do with my $10 rebate. I am going to go to Claires.

Have you ever been to a Claires? It is sort of a young, hip costume jewelry accessory store.Their prices range from about $2 to $20, with most things around $5. It’s the only store I can think of off the bat, that actually has cute items in that price range.

I think I will get a Christmas headband and maybe some other Christmasy hair things. Claires is aimed at teenage girls, but keeping an open mind, sometimes you can find something appropriate for a woman.

Another store that is fun and very reasonable is Forever 21. This too is aimed at the younger generation, and they have lots of small sizes, but they have some amazing buys. And no, you don’t have to be 21 to shop there.

They recently opened in Honolulu and they are going to open another branch in Waikiki. When I was in Kansas City, they were about to open a huge store downtown right next to Halls, the swanky department store owned by Hallmark.

If you are shopping for children or grandchildren be sure to check out Baby Gap. They have the most fantastic clothes for the younger set. I am really jealous, cause when we were kids, there were no clothes that were really trendy.

I remember in 1948, the Gibson girl look was ‘in’. That meant a long ankle length red plaid skirt with a special style long sleeved white blouse and a black bow at the neck. My mother wouldn’t hear of it. A long skirt on a ten year old child. No way.

I was devastated. All my friends wore this getup to school and there I was in my knee length dress with little puffed sleeves and a sash and bow in the back. Now the kids can dress like their favorite rock star and it’s ok.

I wonder what the kids will be wearing fifty years from today? I’ll never know, cause I would be 122 years old.